Pink Full Moon

It's all about the Pink Full Moon! You don't want to miss it!

We have a powerful Full Moon on April 11th. It will be visible on the 10th through to the 12th, but at its fullest on the 11th.

Despite its name, the Pink Moon does not actually turn pink, just like the Blue moon, the colourful name originates in the Native American traditions of keeping times based on lunar phases. The Pink Moon owes its name to pink flowers called wild ground phlox which bloom in Springtime.

As is usual, the Full Moon brings about a sense of culmination to our lives, it highlights everything that needs to be brought to light. What have you been hiding in the shadows? Use this illuminating light to achieve a better sense of balance. Meditate on the messages and gifts that the Universe has to offer. Remember lessons are gifts, even if we don't recognise them as such instantly.

Be honest with yourself, the Full Moon sees all, ask yourself all of the difficult questions that you've been afraid to face. Am I honouring my higher self? Have I treated the Earth with grace? How can I spread more kindness? Am I showing gratitude? Where am I giving too much? Where have I taken more than I needed? Am I utilising my energy? Am I carrying any guilt? Where am I placing blame? What needs to change to make room for peace, love, clarity and abundance to grow and flow? Am I moving from pain to power? These are questions that we need to be asking ourselves. The time is now.

This special Pink Full Moon is the perfect time to cleanse, release your fears and negativity.

Relationships are also on the Universal stage as this Full Moon falls in the sign of Libra. Old pains, wounds and resentments need to be felt deeply in order to be released and ultimately forgiven. Talk to your pain. Heal your past, unblock your Heart Chakra and allow divine light to flow through you, leading you further on your journey to your exquisite future. Sometimes we are subconsciously sabotaging ourselves, let go of those old limiting beliefs and fears of your past. They can no longer serve you anyway. 

Magick Tip: Jasmine is the scent of the Full Moon.