Angels Of Atlantis Oracle Cards

Angels Of Atlantis Oracle Cards


Each deck of Angels Of Atlantis Oracle Cards is cleansed with sage, blessed at the altar and infused with the DNA healing vibration.

Discover the 44 aspects of the twelve Archangels of Atlantis with these stunning Oracle cards, written by Stewart Pearce and perfectly illustrated by Richard Crookes.

The cards depict each Archangel as an Orb and, like the Archangels themselves, are loving, wise guides, able to assist in healing all parts of your life.

With aspects ranging from Inspiration, Balance, Grace and Benediction to Compassion, Ecstasy, Romance and Surrender, the Oracle will readily answer any of your questions about health, wealth, career and relationships. In addition, they will help you to develop your own oracular abilities with their light shining on your life's path.

Use the Oracle cards to allow the Archangels to bring well-being into your life just as they did with the Atlanteans. You can simply draw one card to gain direction for the day, three cards to gain understanding of a specific question, or twelve cards when you want to look at the outcome of your current path over a period of time. Know that the Divine will ensure that you always select the cards you need to learn and grow. 

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