Butterfly Ritual Transformation Kit

Butterfly Ritual Transformation Kit


Each Butterfly Ritual Transformation Kit is cleansed with sage, blessed at the altar and infused with the DNA healing vibration.


  • Real cruelty free preserved butterfly
  • Manifestation fairy dust
  • One large quartz crystal
  • Rose and Lavender scented herbal plant wax candle
  • Magick

Our hand-curated Butterfly Ritual Transformation Kits were created for you to manifest your magical dreams. Much like a phoenix rising from the ashes, a caterpillar transforms into a beautiful butterfly that takes flight. Display these items on your altar and sprinkle your candle with our fairy dust.

Before lighting the candle each and every time, visualise the transformation you wish to ignite in your life. Your subconscious and the Universe are merging together and using the vibration of the butterfly to guide you.

Butterflies are some of the most magical creatures to exist, invoking transformation and fearlessness everywhere they go. Their mystical qualities represent rebirth, lightness of being, metamorphosis, and seeing the world through the eyes of the soul. They teach of the importance of inner work, to surrender and trust the process and struggle in order to fully transform into what you were always meant to be.

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Burn carefully and never leave lit candles unattended.