Dragon & Phoenix Power Baoding Balls

Dragon & Phoenix Power Baoding Balls


Each set of Dragon & Phoenix Power Baoding Balls is cleansed with sage, blessed at the altar and infused with the DNA healing vibration.

  • Each baoding ball is approximately 4cm in diameter. Sold as a pair they will arrive in a protective padded brocade box of beautiful Chinese Silk embroidery.

Originating in Ancient China, Baoding Balls have been used for centuries in Chinese medicine. It was Emperor JiaJing of the Ming dynasty in the sixteenth century, who ordered a profound study of Baoding Balls, and they remain as a powerful healing tool across the world to this day.

The use of Baoding Balls is a healing technique that utilises Qi, the life force flowing through our bodies. This energy is channelled through the meridians, the energy channels inside of our body, which are connected to our organs and senses.

By holding the Baoding Balls in the palms of our hands, where energy points are located, and by turning and rotating the balls, these points are being stimulated, and the released energy will flow through the meridians to all parts of the body. By freeing and unblocking energy reserves, Baoding Balls help to improve blood circulation, relieve stress and a greater sense of well-being is achieved.

On each Baoding Ball is a different image, one of them features the Dragon and the other features the Phoenix.

In mythology, Dragons are a symbol of wisdom and primal forces within the Universe. The Phoenix is a magnificent bird which rises again from the ashes to start anew, symbolising strength, time and space. Both creatures are known for their longevity and have powerful magical, spiritual, and supernatural qualities.

There is also a sound mechanism inside each of the Baoding balls producing a tender sound, which aids relaxation, meditation and helps to connect us to our higher consciousness.

To use Baoding Balls, roll the balls alternatively to the left and right, then roll the balls without letting them touch each other. With these you can learn to turn them even on your fingertips. Baoding Balls are an excellent ancient healing technique that when perfected, can also be considered an art form.

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The chrome-plated steel balls are easy to care for, especially if you are an active practitioner. If you do leave the balls inactive for a time, use a light oil or automotive wax on their surface to prevent rust from forming.