Mermaid's Love Incense

Mermaid's Love Incense


Every pack of Mermaid's Love Incense Sticks is cleansed with sage, blessed at the altar and infused with the DNA healing vibration. Approximately 15 sticks per box.

  • Please note that the price is for one box of Mermaid's Love Incense Sticks only.

The Stamford Black range of incense is a selection of mythically inspired fragrances, made out of very high quality sticks and natural, raw perfumery materials in India, with a burn time of approximately 30 minutes per stick.

Indulge yourself with the innocent allure of the Mermaid's Love Incense Sticks and the purifying, sensual aroma, clearing the air of all negativity and bringing you back to complete serenity.

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