Platonic Solids Healing Set

Platonic Solids Healing Set


Each Platonic Solids Healing Set is cleansed with sage, blessed at the altar and infused with the DNA healing vibration.

  • Size/shape may vary due to each stone being unique and one of a kind. Each crystal is approximately 25mm.

Our Platonic Solids Healing Sets are made from black agate and are all carefully carved by hand and beautifully presented in a printed canvas bag. 

Black Agate is a grounding and protective crystal. Its most notable properties are balancing ying/yang energy, courage, protection, healing and calming.

In geometry, Platonic Solids (Sacred Geometries) are the only geometric  shapes with the same number of sides meeting at each vertex with the same angle. 

Sacred Geometry is an instrument of dialogue between earthly forms and the divine, permitting you to find unity inside natures diversity, it provides complete understanding and experience to consciously shape the future.

Add powerful talismans to your altar, witches cabinet or gemstone collection with our Platonic Solids Healing Set. The canvas bag has some extra room in case you want to carry some additional crystals with you, or infuse your Platonic Solids with herbs or other magical items.

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