Each Tantra book is cleansed with sage, blessed at the altar and infused with the DNA healing vibration.

245 pages. Paperback.

In this accessible guide, Shashi Solluna breaks all preconceptions about Tantra and introduces us to the real philosophy behind this sacred practice.

In traditional descriptions, Tantra is often defined as meaning "to weave", and can be compared to the weaving of a fabric. Tantra is therefore a path that weaves together. Ultimately, Tantra points us to the highest level of consciousness in which one merges into Oneness and no longer feels like a separate  physical entity. This is sometimes called "Heaven" as opposed to the more tangible experience of "Earth". This book explains how Tantra can allow us to move from a physical solid experience of reality into the lighter, more ethereal experience - or from Earth to Heaven - and then ultimately bring Heaven to Earth.

This book explores:

  • The history of Tantra
  • The core principles of Tantra
  • An understanding of the Tantric approach to sexuality
  • Practices to explore your own Tantric sexuality
  • A Tantric understanding of relationships, love and intimacy
  • An understanding of Tantra as a spiritual path
  • Practices for creating spiritual experiences  and higher states of consciousness
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